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Jacqueline & John Kennedy, NYC 1960

George S Zimbel

“On October 19, 1960, I was working in New York City, where Kennedy and his wife Jackie were received with a ticker-tape parade in their honor. She was tremendously popular with the public, and the much-needed boost the campaign needed in its last weeks. The mayor of New York said it “was the greatest reception anybody has ever received in this section of the city in its history.” When I started photographing Kennedy’s opponent Richard Nixon, I never felt welcomed. It was like, “I don’t need you.” The opposite was true with JFK. You were always welcome photographing the Kennedys. The campaign knew that if the press was on their side, Kennedy might just have a chance of getting elected. Almost every request was granted and nobody ever said, “you can only stand here or there.” You see, in those days, the general circulation magazines like the kind I worked for were the windows that we all looked through to see the public and private lives of our potential leaders.”

  This piece is also available as part of the JFK*100 PORTFOLIO which includes a top sheet signed by President Kennedy's sister Jean Kennedy Smith to benefit the library.

16" x 20"

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