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Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe, NYC, 1969

Norman Seeff

After arriving in New York, Seeff began hanging out at Max's Kansas City, where he befriended Smith and Mapplethorpe, then a couple and both unknown. "We were just hanging in my kitchen when we did that," Seeff says. "When I photographed them, who knew where they would go?" In 1969, Mapplethorpe considered himself an airbrush artist and demonstrated his work on some of Seeff's photos. "Then he said, 'Would you mind if I come and watch your sessions, because I want to learn about photography?'"

  Each image is produced in an edition of 50 prints with 5 Artist Proofs. Within this edition of 50, prints can be ordered in a number of different sizes from 16 x 20 to 53 x 77. Prices increase as the photographs sell.

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