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As The Hammers March, The Gigantic Judge Dwarfs a Terrified Pink, 1981

Gerald Scarfe

This painting defines the essential atmosphere of the film. It shows one of the most enduring and terrifying characters, the Giant Judge, accompanied by ranks of fascistic marching Hammers, dwarfing the terrified Pink. The mesmerising marching Hammers have become synonymous with The Wall.

To my mind, this is one of the best pieces in the collection, showing the fascist Hammers watched over by the huge fat backside of the Judge. The Hammers were originally my idea: they just came into my head one day as the most unrelenting, cruel piece of machinery, and I imagined them marching like Nazi Stormtroopers as a symbol of tyranny.

  This painting was designed for the film of The Wall and has been exhibited worldwide.

PLEASE NOTE: These pieces are being offered for sale without copyright or reproduction rights

34 12" x 81"

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