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The Wife's Shadow Looms Large Over A Terrified Pink, 1981

Gerald Scarfe

Some of the most harrowing sequences of The Wall involved the central character, Pink, a rock star portrayed by Bob Geldof, becoming isolated, disturbed and alienated from the outside world. This image epitomises the increasingly dysfunctional relationship between ‘Pink’ and his Wife.

This illustration imagined the scene where Pink is hallucinating in his hotel room. He imagines he sees his wife in the room and her shadow on the wall becomes a monstrous beast.

“When we were trying to interest MGM, and various investors, I designed a luxurious ‘Black Book’ with a number of paintings and text by Roger Waters. These paintings were later used by Alan Parker and the set designer to give ‘my look’, as Parker called it, to the film."

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23 12" x 33"

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