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Pink Floyd Onstage (Airplane Graphic), Wembley Arena, North London, 1974

Barrie Wentzell

"I first ‘saw’ Pink Floyd at one their early 60’s gigs on a late Saturday into early Sunday morning at the legendary UFO club on Tottenham Court Road, London at one of the all night ‘be ins’ there. I said I ‘saw’ them, but actually they played in the dark and standing still with moody looks that were solely lit by a colourful liquid light show, whilst Syd and the lads were making odd but wonderful electronic sounds to delight the small assemble of ‘heads’ that were the core of the “London Underground Movement”. Here they are in full flight and light, performing ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ live, backed by an amazing lightshow which boosted the performance even more for the audience. I did wander around taking a few shots but I was told to sit down as there was a ‘ban’ on taking photos, so I sat back in my seat and for once I just experienced the show from the audience’s point of view and totally enjoyed the ‘trip’ to the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ and beyond..."

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