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The Beatles at the Sgt. Pepper Release Party, Belgravia, London, 1967

Barrie Wentzell

"This was the first time I’d met and photographed The Beatles. It was at the launch party for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, at Brian Epstein’s house in posh Belgravia. There were lots of people there from the press and elsewhere, and The Beatles were walking around talking, laughing and celebrating the Summer of Love. I was taking a few shots inside the house but the lighting was bad as I wasn’t using a flash like all the 15 or so other photographers were. While the lads were sitting on a sofa, I managed to find a spot that showed all their profiles and Paul looked at me and I got a shot before the Beatles press officer, Derek Taylor hustled us all outside."

16" x 20"

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