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Muhammad Ali In the Corner, 1978 (ALI005)

Michael Gaffney

"The most famous corner in boxing history headed by Angelo Dundee. Here cornerman Wali "Blood" Muhammad and Ali's guru and cornerman, Drew "Bundini" Brown go to work on the Champ. Late in the fight against Spinks, an exhausted Ali knew he was behind as Bundini screams, “Knock ‘em out Champ, we’re down on rounds!” Ali said, “He’s only had seven fights…how can he beat me?” The 15th round ranks with the classic Ali fights of Frazier and Norton. Ali now had to go for the knockout to retain the Heavyweight Championship and nobody wanted to take the belt more than Spinks. Ali gave it all he had but it would not be enough and lost the title to a young Leon Spinks in a decision. This corner earned Muhammad Ali 56 wins, 37 by knockout and 5 losses in some of the greatest heavyweight fights in history. - from THE CHAMP by Michael Gaffney

  A complimentary first edition copy of THE CHAMP: My year with Muhammad Ali, signed by Michael Gaffney, will accompany the purchase of any of his photographs.

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