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Muhammad Ali, The Will and The Way, Las Vegas 1978 (ALI095)

Michael Gaffney

"Luis Sarria, Ali’s cutman, removed the ice bag from the right side of Muhammad’s swollen face, and within minutes Ali was in front of the world media press conference to answer how this legend of boxing could lose the Heavyweight Championship to Leon Spinks. His easy smile hid the humiliating pain he felt for the shocking loss of the cherished Heavyweight title. Champ, never one to dodge the press was gracious in defeat saying, "I lost fair and square to Spinks. I did everything right, and I lost. I lost simply because Spinks was better, that's all. It's just another experience in my life, nothing to cry about." The Champ handled the tough press questions with the same class and dignity that the world had come to know and love." - from THE CHAMP by Michael Gaffney

  Las Vegas Hilton, Nevada, February 14, 1978, A complimentary first edition copy of THE CHAMP: My year with Muhammad Ali, signed by Michael Gaffney, will accompany the purchase of any of his photographs.

18" x 24"

24" x 34"

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