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Robin Williams, Johnnie Shand Kydd, Rufus Deakin & Sheba the Great Dane, Christmas in Suffolk, 1980

Carinthia West

This was taken after Christmas lunch in Suffolk, 1980. Robin had spent a lot of time on the sofa prostrate with jet lag after flying in from America, straight off a comedy tour. I had met him and his first wife, Valerie, during the shoot of Robert Altman’s film, Popeye, in Malta, and we had all become great friends, so I had invited them to England for Christmas. This shot was taken just after he had woken up and began telling fabulous and funny stories to the little boy and Sheba, the Great Dane. Johnnie Shand Kydd (left) is now a well known photographer. When seeing this picture recently, Robin was as funny as ever, remarking, “I vaguely remember the dog.”

19" x 24"

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