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Rod Stewart's Football Match, Coldwater Canyon, Los Angeles, 1976

Carinthia West

My friend, model and photographer, Rory Flynn, (the shapely bum on the right, and the daughter of Errol Flynn), her friend Diane (left) and I used to hang out at Rod Stewart’s football match every Saturday in Coldwater Canyon. Everyone who was anyone in rock and roll used to congregate there, and most of the guys ended up playing. At any one time you’d have half the Rolling Stones, The Faces, or The Who on the field. Plus, producers like Ian La Frenais (who wrote “Porridge”) or actors Ian McShane or David Hemmings. It was all shouting and swearing on the pitch. The guy on the right is Paul Nichols, the drummer from Widowmaker, and if you look carefully in the background on the right, you’ll see Rod Stewart. This photograph is one of my favorites, and gave me the title for my archive: “Hanging Out.” one is posing, it is just the way we were....being young, having fun...

40" x 60"

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