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George Harrison, Great Barrier Reef, Australia, 1980 (with Parrot)

Carinthia West

I was at a loose end in Sydney, when George and Olivia Harrison very kindly invited me on a private week-long cruise round the islands of the Great Barrier Reef. One of the stops was a place called Hamilton Island, and George became fascinated by this beautifully plumaged parrot. I am fond of pictures where there is some sort of amusing juxtaposition. In this case, the parrot seems to match the galloping kangaroos pasted across the front of George’s T-shirt, and also, of course, he played ‘Long John Silver’ in one of Eric Idle’s ‘Rutland Weekend’ sketches, complete with a fake parrot on his shoulder. It was very rare that George was able to get right away from the pressures of his life and completely relax with his wife, Olivia, and his young son Dhani, so needless to say, I felt incredibly touched that they invited me.

24" x 20"

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