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Umphrey's Mcgee, The Bottom Half (Onion Ladies)

Storm Thorgerson (1944-2013)

"Sitting around and trying to think about something sexual as part of a job is harder than you think, a bit of a turn-off actually, like thinking of your parents having sex! Anyway, we tried jolly hard, submitted several designs, of which he chose two, though I had a sneaky feeling they were the wrong ones. We discussed models, locations, and so forth and shot the whole damn thing only to have him reject both of them, in favor of a rather drab group picture.

What he should have had was the Onion Ladies you see here, which came spontaneously during our design meetings from a mixture of round things, testicles, breasts, bums, and weebles, weebles? and Alice in Wonderland. Add to this curious mixture the idea that big girls make you cry and you get onions that are ladies...

The key was to use red onions and clothe the women in red and black corsets a la Moulin Rouge. I have a feeling that this picture is a mild critique of female vacillation, but mostly it's a lot of fun, angry onion ladies, rolling backwards and forwards, intemperate, like the queen of hearts, demanding, sexy and going nowhere in a hurry. They will surely make you cry if your a bloke. Simply photographed in the studio by crazy Rupert, then simply comped together by the indefatigable Badger."

30 12" x 25"

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