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Peter Gabriel, Scratch

Storm Thorgerson (1944-2013)

This was the front cover of the second of four eponymous titles Peter Gabriel released after leaving Genesis. Due to the iconic nature of the image, it is often referred to as Scratch.

Image courtesy of Peter Gabriel. Photography by Hipgnosis.

Please Note: This has been hand-signed by Peter Gabriel and Storm Thorgerson.

  "We took the picture quite quickly near our studio but then spent ages cutting and tearing strips of white paper which covered the studio like ticker-tape. We stuck them onto the photo of Peter, adjusting and re-tearing to have them 'join' his fingers then tarting it up with Tipp-ex before re-photographing it all so it became one piece. Now, I don't seriously expect anybody to be fooled into thinking that Peter is actually doing all this reaching out and back onto his photo, only that they may be temporarily bemused and mentally entertained by the impossibility of it - enjoying the idea then imagining it to be real." - Storm Thorgerson

34" x 25 12"

50" x 40"

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