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Peter Gabriel, Melt

Storm Thorgerson (1944-2013)

The front cover of Peter Gabriel's third eponymous solo album, sometimes referred to as Melt. It was released in 1980. Please Note: This has been hand-signed by Peter Gabriel and Storm Thorgerson.

Image courtesy of Peter Gabriel. Photography by Hipgnosis.

  “What we did at Hipgnosis was to take tons of Polaroids and push and pummel them as they developed. We all did it, including Pete Gabriel as I said, and gathered a vast pile of distorted faces, finally finding one for the front cover, which we then photocopied, enlarged and made black and white, so as to distance it from being a typical Polaroid (thumbnail). It was all great fun, and involves only an ordinary Polaroid and a blunt pencil or some such, anybody can do it.” - Storm Thorgerson

32" x 26"

50" x 40"

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