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Biffy Clyro, Only Revolutions

Storm Thorgerson (1944-2013)

This is the image that appear on the front cover of the 2009 Biffy Clyro album, Only Revolutions, which was nominated for a 2010 Mercury Prize.

Image courtesy of Biffy Clyro. Photography by StormStudios.

We have one SIGNED Test Proof in stock, please call for details.

  Storm's inimitable informative overview: "The design for Only Revolutions is partially based on the idea that revolutionary groups often bear a flag. Much of the album was colored by male/female dialectic, so the revolutionary flags became expressions of the anger and frustration that the couple could not display directly. Both parties carry behind their back instruments of harm - she a rolling pin, him a knife."

24" x 33 12"

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