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Muhammad Ali, Portrait

Michael Gaffney

"Muhammad Ali is the very embodiment of American exceptionalism. He transcended his boxing fame and became the most important and culturally influential athlete in American history. He spent a lifetime giving a voice to people who needed to be heard and led millions to believe in themselves when nobody else would. Ali spoke his mind on Viet Nam, racial equality and religious tolerance and never backed away from the stormy social issues of the day. There is a quiet strength about Muhammad Ali and why he will always be known as "The Greatest of All Time,"…the heart of a champion, the soul of a Saint." - from THE CHAMP by Michael Gaffney

  A complimentary first edition copy of THE CHAMP: My year with Muhammad Ali, signed by Michael Gaffney, will accompany the purchase of any of his photographs.

24" x 18"

34" x 24"

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