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Muhammad Ali, The Champ (ALI001)

Michael Gaffney

We were in Angelo Dundee's Fifth Street Gym in Miami shortly after Muhammad had suffered a shocking loss of the World Heavyweight Championship to Leon Spinks. The loss to Spinks rekindled the fight within the aging fighter with a burning determination to win back the belt. Champ vowed to work harder than he ever worked before and said, "I must retire Champion and not go out on my back." Seven months later, Muhammad kept his promise and beat Leon Spinks to win the World Heavyweight Championship for an unprecedented third time. His true character and legendary will to win is why he will always be known as "The Greatest." -from THE CHAMP by Michael Gaffney

  A complimentary first edition copy of THE CHAMP: My year with Muhammad Ali, signed by Michael Gaffney, will accompany the purchase of any of his photographs.

18" x 24"

24" x 34"

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