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Thin Wild Mercury, Dylan By Schatzberg

Jerry Schatzberg

Thin Wild Mercury is an award-winning, large-format, limited edition book chronicling the story behind legendary photographer and director Jerry Schatzberg and his photographs of Bob Dylan.

Having just 'gone electric' and in the process of recording Blonde on Blonde, the photos capture Dylan at the most exciting point of his career.

  A limited edition of just 1,500 copies, each book is signed by Jerry Schatzberg. The book's 300 pages feature nearly 500 photographs, many of which have never been published before. All images are printed in four-colour with image varnishing, on three different luxurious art papers.

The Collector copies are bound in a bespoke cloth. Each copy features a print of Bob Dylan inset into the front cover, and is housed in an elegant slipcase.

11" x 11"

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