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Head Studies of a Woman with Red Hair Contraposed with Head of a Man, sk-274

Alberto Vargas

This is the study for a painting that was used as an advertisement for Jergens Face Powder in 1944. The particular campaign strategy encouraged the female audience to "Be His Pin-Up Girl" and "Have a Pin-up complexion" using Jergens. The drawing was signed by Alberto Vargas - as a preliminary study or proposal, this is extremely unusual.

  It is especially important to note that it is uncommon to find a study that is actually signed by Vargas. His studies were evolutionary works in progress. As such he intended to keep these as his personal property, virtually eliminating his need to sign.

This particular work is one of those few hand-signed drawings. What is more rare in this case, however, is that Vargas signed this particular work "Varga," the name he used for only a few years at Esquire magazine (1940 - 1946).

In addition, Vargas also placed the notation "Esq" within his signature at the center of the letter "G," the abbreviation for Esquire. Unusual and very rare indeed.

15" x 15"

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