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Jimi and Me at the Scene Club, NY

Ronnie Wood

"Jimi and Me at the Scene Club, NY" is based on an actual photograph taken during one of Jimi Hendrix’s performances at the Scene, a popular NYC nightclub.

  "I played with Jimi on stage a few times in New York. We did this outdoor gig on Staten Island, and I also played with him at Steve Paul’s Scene on 46th Street. It was all during my days with the Jeff Beck Group. Jimi used to convince Jeff to give me solos. He’d say 'hey, let the bass player play.' He was very generous. He gave me my first copy of BB King Live at the Roxy which is a great album and I wish I still had it today. He gave me a couple of great guitarist albums and he’d say 'listen to this, pick up some tips, this will help you.' I think the other one was James Brown Live at the Apollo." - Ronnie Wood

35" x 26 34"

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