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Smoke Dreams

Alberto Vargas

A Ziegfeld girl enjoys a private moment as she smokes a cigarette in her dressing room. Completely unselfconscious, this is an unusual portrayal of the model: while the pose is informal, Vargas has created an image that, ironically, conveys both glamor and simple elegance.

  The example offered here is from the Vargas-authorized standard numbered edition which was produced in Vargas' lifetime. It is hand-signed "Vargas" by power of attorney, but not by the artist.

We do, however, also currently have in our inventory one rare artist's proof that is hand-signed by Alberto Vargas.

While the limited edition prints of Smoke Dreams were pencil signed "Vargas" by power of attorney when they were published, a numbered artist proof edition of 50 was also produced. These artist's proofs were all actually hand-signed "Alberto Vargas" by the artist himself. Please inquire about availability.

29" x 21 38"

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